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200 Countries
840 Law Firms
40,000 Lawyers Worldwide

Our Network

“Our global reach really means Cheang & Ariff, together with our trusted network of law firms, will be able to meet all your global legal needs from one firm; whether it concerns commercial transactions, acquisitions, corporate exercises, joint ventures, intellectual property, construction and engineering, trading and trade related matters and revenue matters in Asia, Africa, Europe, Middle East, North America, Russia and South America.”

The 1990 vision of Cheang & Ariff was to empower clients with a global reach. We co-founded Advoc Asia, which eventually evolved into the Advoc Group of member firms ( covering 73 countries, 203 cities with a combined strength of 5,500 lawyers. Together with Nextlaw Global Referral Network ( we have a global reach to 200 countries, 840 law firms and 40,000 lawyers worldwide. Our close-knit global legal networks offer our clients seamless legal services across regions, with the advantages of professional assistance and guidance from leading lawyers of particular jurisdictions with intimate knowledge of their respective local environment.  

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