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Founding Philosophy


Dedication to excellence and driven by passion for the law with a deep appreciation of societal and commercial needs is the founding philosophy of Cheang & Ariff; providing quality legal services and the best legal solutions are not options.”


Tan Sri Mohamad Ariff Bin Md Yusof (Founder - Consultant)


Almost four decades ago five like-minded legal professionals took the leap in a challenging economic climate to form a firm dedicated to enhancing the quality of legal services based on a conviction that there was a need for a firm dedicated to excellence and driven by passion. This small group has since grown into the large firm that is Cheang & Ariff nestled in a central part of Kuala Lumpur and housed in a historic old-charm mansion amidst lush landscaped tropical surroundings. The commitment to deliver quality legal services which serves to combine legal principles and rules with a realistic appreciation of societal and commercial needs has transcended the original partners and has become a definitive creed amongst the firm’s current partners and associates.


The firm continues to maintain its original core emphasis on dispute resolution, corporate, commercial and securities work whilst continuing to expand dynamically into other areas of specialisation in keeping with the continuing economic development of Malaysia and afar. Nevertheless, the original founding principle remains – the law’s application to real problems must yield just, creative solutions supported by experience and meeting the expectations of clients and the underlying commercial purposes.







Step into Loke Mansion, Kuala Lumpur, and the dedication to excellence and the passion for the law and the best legal solutions hold true decades on as the tried and tested formula for the firm’s continued dynamism and resilience.

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